[pups] Can't get a second DZQ11 to configure?!

Robert Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Tue Nov 1 02:33:37 AEST 2005

Hi Guys,

  I've got a 11/73 with 2.11BSD.  The hardware configuration is pretty
typical - RQDX3, DEQNA, TK50, and one DZQ11.  Everything runs fine, but now
I need to install a second DZQ.  The first DZQ has csr 160100 and vector
300, so according to my calculations the second should be at 160110 and
vector 310.  I set the switches, install the card, and then edit my system
configuration to change NDZ to be 2, rebuild the kernel, reboot, and, ....

  When it gets up to init, it says:

	init: configure system
	dz 0 csr 160100 vector 300 attached
	ra 0 .... 172150 .... 154
	tms 0 .... 174500 ... 260
	... etc ...

nothing about the second DZQ.  Everything else still works, including the
original DZQ11, and it boots up just fine except that there's no sign of the
second DZQ11.

  I figured I made a mistake building the kernel, so I double check my
kernel configuration and yes, the file dz.h contains "#define NDZ 2".  Just
to be safe I delete all the objects from my machine's configuration
directory and rebuild the entire kernel from sources (takes a couple of
hours on a 11/73!).  Still no joy - init only finds one DZ...  And I'm sure
I'm booting the new kernel because of the timestamp it prints out when you
boot it.

  At this point I figured it's a hardware problem.  Just to be sure, I
pulled out both DZQs and swapped the switch settings on the two cards.  This
makes the original DZQ card now the "second" one at 160110/310 and the new
card the "first" DZQ at 160100/300.  Put it all back together and boot it up
again - same results!  Init finds the first DZ but not the second!
Moreover, all the serial ports on the back that are now connected to dz0
(which is the card that used to be the second dz) still work!  Of course,
the ports on dz 1 (which is the card that used to work) are now dead.  It
seems like the two DZQ11 cards must be OK.

  Oh, and BTW, I even used the 11/73's console ODT to verify that all
addresses from 17760100 to 17760117 respond.

  The only explanation I'm left with is a configuration problem.  Is there
something I don't know about rebuilding the 2.11bsd kernel?  Is 160110/310
the wrong location for the second DZQ11?

  Thanks much, any suggestions are appreciated.

Bob Armstrong

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