[pups] Can't get a second DZQ11 to configure?!

Robin Birch robinb at ruffnready.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 05:00:44 AEST 2005

If it is what I think it is then you will need to add the device to 
/etc/devtab (I think that's the file).  2.11 doesn't just detect what's 
there.  The kernel build puts the drivers in place but it's devtab that 
switches them on.



In message <002601c5de38$dbe5ea20$0401a8c0 at jfcl.com>, Robert Armstrong 
<bob at jfcl.com> writes
>Hi Guys,
>  I've got a 11/73 with 2.11BSD.  The hardware configuration is pretty
>typical - RQDX3, DEQNA, TK50, and one DZQ11.  Everything runs fine, but now
>I need to install a second DZQ.  The first DZQ has csr 160100 and vector
>300, so according to my calculations the second should be at 160110 and
>vector 310.  I set the switches, install the card, and then edit my system
>configuration to change NDZ to be 2, rebuild the kernel, reboot, and, ....
>  When it gets up to init, it says:
>       init: configure system
>       dz 0 csr 160100 vector 300 attached
>       ra 0 .... 172150 .... 154
>       tms 0 .... 174500 ... 260
>       ... etc ...
>nothing about the second DZQ.  Everything else still works, including the
>original DZQ11, and it boots up just fine except that there's no sign of the
>second DZQ11.
>  I figured I made a mistake building the kernel, so I double check my
>kernel configuration and yes, the file dz.h contains "#define NDZ 2".  Just
>to be safe I delete all the objects from my machine's configuration
>directory and rebuild the entire kernel from sources (takes a couple of
>hours on a 11/73!).  Still no joy - init only finds one DZ...  And I'm sure
>I'm booting the new kernel because of the timestamp it prints out when you
>boot it.
>  At this point I figured it's a hardware problem.  Just to be sure, I
>pulled out both DZQs and swapped the switch settings on the two cards.  This
>makes the original DZQ card now the "second" one at 160110/310 and the new
>card the "first" DZQ at 160100/300.  Put it all back together and boot it up
>again - same results!  Init finds the first DZ but not the second!
>Moreover, all the serial ports on the back that are now connected to dz0
>(which is the card that used to be the second dz) still work!  Of course,
>the ports on dz 1 (which is the card that used to work) are now dead.  It
>seems like the two DZQ11 cards must be OK.
>  Oh, and BTW, I even used the 11/73's console ODT to verify that all
>addresses from 17760100 to 17760117 respond.
>  The only explanation I'm left with is a configuration problem.  Is there
>something I don't know about rebuilding the 2.11bsd kernel?  Is 160110/310
>the wrong location for the second DZQ11?
>  Thanks much, any suggestions are appreciated.
>Bob Armstrong
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