[TUHS] UNIX and relatives and SSH

Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 9 14:04:24 AEST 2005

Hello from Gregg C Levine
One of my less then familiar with UNIX and its relatives, friend,
wants to explore a system running UNIX.

Probably BSD for the PDP-11 I should think. Since I view telnet, from
the Internet to me anyway, as a security risk can someone check this

The last version of BSD for the PDP-11 that I am aware of, and have
seen on the site, 2.11 does not have the capability to run SSH,
because it does not have the ability to compile it from source. SSH
wasn't added to the operating systems that we use until much later. I
freely admit that part of my assertion may not be correct however.
(Regarding the ability to build SSH natively.) 

For example, I am aware that the BSD base, such as FreeBSD, and
NetBSD, and OpenBSD, all have SSH included. It certainly is in Linux. 

What I am planning on doing is configuring the Linux version of E11 to
run the chosen BSD pointing its Ethernet connection, to the one my
Linux box in question uses. And have a second one also running the
same release work as a gateway for the first. You'd run SSH to the
gateway, login as a "guest" and via an appropriate password, and then
telnet to the product. Of course to risk damage to the baseboard
Ethernet connection, I'd probably put a cheap card in the computer,
and run that over to my router. Pointing it of course to the

Warren, just for the sake of double checking my facts, are the
instructions regarding the BSD family for the PDP-11 up to date?
Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net
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