[TUHS] What UNIX on a PDP-11/34 ?

Ian King iking at killthewabbit.org
Thu Nov 10 02:22:00 AEST 2005

Weirdness - my original reply to your mail never showed up....

First of all, YES to v6!  That's what I have on my 11/34, with 192k of
MOS memory and two RK05 drives.  You can regen the whole system with no
problem.  I'm only running the console on it, but in multiuser mode.  

One of the images on the PUPS site is a v6 distribution tape.  But even
if you don't have a tape drive, it seems you could build a disk image on
an emulator, then stream that over to your RL with vtserver.  I've had
some success doing this with other machines (fortunately, the archives
contained RK05 images and I have RKs).  -- Ian 

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Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 12:35:08AM +0100, Wilko Bulte wrote:

> > here at freaknet medialab we made some images of our
> > RL02 disk packs with RT-11 and GAMMA-11 software
> > (specific for a Nuclear Camera, this pdp-11 was used
> > for medical exams) :)

> > what can we install? any hint ?
> I had Ultrix-11 on ours, using 2 RK05 drives. But only briefly, as

but, can we install a RK05 image into an RL02 drive ? :%

or, maybe a V6 ?

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