[TUHS] Redoing "V6on286" or porting V7...?

Lyrical Nanoha LyricalNanoha at dosius.net
Thu Nov 10 03:26:32 AEST 2005

I've thought, since there doesn't seem to be a working "V6on286", maybe I 
should try porting it myself though I'm not very familiar with the Ancient 
Unix sources or with the ancient C used.  The oldest compiler I've got 
that will compile is Turbo C++ 1.01 from 1990 and it's an ANSI C compiler. 
(I do think it'll compile late K&R, but there's weirdnesses in the C used 
by V6.)

Having an emulator like QEMU handy is a nice plus.  I could prolly build 
everything onto a 1.44 MB disk image and boot it in emulation.  I'm 
thinking I'd want to create tools for transferring files into and out of 
disk images, and a bootloader to put on the first sector of the disk 
(though, 512 bytes is awful small...)

Any ideas?


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