[TUHS] UNIX and relatives and SSH

Jose R Valverde txomsy at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 10 18:45:09 AEST 2005

Sorry for my previous aborted message. I'm using
webmail which is an alien sort of thing to me.

What I wanted to say is that you may as well let them 
'telnet' to the PDP11-2.11BSD through SSH.

I mean, you may have the PDP behind a firewall with
ports blocked, and another machine (linux, *bsd,
whatever) with SSH open.

Then all that would be needed is that your friend uses
SSH tunnel to the telnet port of the PDP. 

For instance, let's say you open an account for your
friend on the intermediate machine: s/he may use this
machine to forward one of his local ports (say 2300)
port 23 on the PDP11 system (say
pdp11-2bsd.example.net) as

ssh -L 2300:pdp11-2bsd.example.net:23 hop.example.net

This would forward his local port 2300 to port 23
of pdp11-2bsd.example.net, using the host 
hop.example.net as an intermediate SSH step.

Then all that your friend needs to do is issue a

telnet localhost 2300

and that would connect him to the telnet port of the
PDP11 using SSH.

If s/he uses windows, most SSH clients have a port 
forwarding tool that makes introducing this
very easy.

So, to sumamrize:

- you open an account on an intermediate host that has

- your friend creates a tunnel from his own computer
the PDP using the intermediate host with his

- your friend telnets his/her own local computer at
chosen port

All communications will be encrypted between his/her
computer and the intermediate host, and go in the
between the intermediate host and the PDP.

If the intermediate host is behind a firewall, then
that would be no problem.


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