[TUHS] we break into AOS/VS :)

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Fri Sep 2 21:37:57 AEST 2005

Il Fri, Sep 02, 2005 at 12:23:55PM +0200, Andrzej Popielewicz rigurgitava:

> >http://zaverio.net/eclipse/eflags/
> >we hacked in! :)
> Congratulations.

tnx :)

> If I were You I would not touch AOS/VS disk. There is no warranty , that
> You will be able to install UX or restore AOS from tape and You can end
> up with two not working systems. Try to find another disk and then
> install UX if possible.

that's our problem - we don't have AOS/VS installation tapes, this
is very strange. we only have DG/UX installation tapes, but the 
system itself use AOS/VS ... :(

the main problem is :

- how to do a full disk backup of the actual system, and
- how to RESTORE IT back in the eclipse having a working AOS/VS

really we don't know how to do this; we can't find informations about
AOS/VS, the only manual is Phrack Magazine #44 :( 

the best is to have AOS/VS installation tapes - where can we search for
them ? 


now we are studying AOS/VS, maybe in the next days we can offer free
access to the machine (it's the main goal of our lab: let people use
those old computers; we have 2 digital VAX/VMS online now, it's our
idea of having a "working" museum :)

> I have spent 8 years on IBM mainframe so I have "sympathy" for these old
> machines.

me too! :)

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