[pups] Bob's emulator and ultrix

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> Subject: Bob's emulator and ultrix
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> I can't get the sim 2.3d to boot ultrix 3.1 or xenix or anyother boot tapes
> in the uhs's archive. I have compiled the pdp11 emulator with gcc-3.4.6. I
> am also interested in the OS Tim Berners-Lee used to write his first
> browser. VMS on a VAX machine I have read. Is there anything like this in
> the archive? A VAX emulator and VMS OS?

Tim Berners-Lee developed what became the WWW, server and browser, on
a NeXT computer running the NeXTstep OS.  There is not a whole lot of
public knowledge about the internals of the NeXT hardware, which makes
it difficult to write an emulator for it.

There is a slowly progressing effort to port NetBSD to NeXT hardware. 
Also, the last few releases of NeXTstep and OpenStep would run either
on NeXT hardware or selected x86 hardware.  Somewhere there is a
writeup covering the subject of running OpenStep on the VMware virtual

None of this is VAX, nor is it any other hardware covered by SimH.

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