[pups] Bob's emulator and ultrix

Tore S Bekkedal toresbe at ifi.uio.no
Thu Apr 20 08:47:25 AEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 07:51 -0500, Milo Velimirovic wrote:
> Doubtful. Everything I have read leads me to believe that Tim Berners- 
> Lee wrote the first web browser on using a NeXT cube running an early  
> version (2.x or earlier) of the NEXTSTEP operating system.
Sorry, quick trigger finger, wrote the previous reply before checking
the rest of the thread and accidentally sending it..

Tim Berners-Lee wrote what could be thought of as an early prototype of
the Web on a Norsk Data SINTRAN-III/VSX minicomputer. Though it was
probably not a Technostation (In a talk at the CHM, Tim Berners-Lee
mentions giving the program (called ENQUIRE) to someone on an 8" floppy,
which would place it far away in time from the Technostation (which was
in the late eighties and a special-purpose CAD workstation) and closer
to the (binary-compatible) 32-bit ND-5x0 systems, which were quite
popular at CERN. Also, IIRC the manual discusses the use of a TDV
terminal, which were the (awesome!) CRT terminals that came with the

However, the HTTP-style Web was indeed written on a NeXT cube.

-toresbe :)

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