[pups] Bob's emulator and ultrix

Rico Pajarola rp at servium.ch
Thu Apr 20 16:18:12 AEST 2006

Tore S Bekkedal wrote:
>> As for the OS Tim Berners-Lee used for his first Browser, I believe that 
>> it was made on a Norsk Data Technostation. 
> I doubt that, for the reasons I posted to the list.
maybe the word browser is not really correct, it's ENQUIRE that I meant, 
which is the great-grandfather of that browser.

 > I believe they were plasma screens, and emulated a pair of standard
 > TDV-22xx serial terminals (the OS did AFAIK not support the huge
 > framebuffer natively).
that's what I understood, the monitor was not really "part" of the 
computer, more like an external device controlled by it.

> Which museum? Did you include the funny desk? Was it running when you
> gave it up? What software did it run?

And yes, it included the funny desk (altough the wooden "arms" were 
broken off). It seemed complete (SCSI, CPU, 16MB RAM, 3-board Ethernet 
etc. was all there, even a spare powersupply, only the front plate was 
apparently missing), but it was halfways disassembled, and lacking any 
software or other knowledge and time to investigate, I never dared to 
turn it on.

It's a shame to let such a machine rot in storage, the museum is a much 
better place for that machine, and it's not as if it's "gone" now, I can 
visit it even more often than when I had it in storage ;)

> I personally have a ND-5700 computer, and would of course *kill* for
so would I...

> http://toresbe.at.ifi.uio.no/technostation.jpeg offers a more detailed
> view of the console. The article is in Norwegian, about the machine
> winning a design award.
yeah, that's it, although my machine looked smaller (half as wide)


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