[pups] Bob's emulator and ultrix

Kelli Halliburton kelli217 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 13:37:14 AEST 2006

On Wednesday 19 April 2006 06:05 pm, Bill Cunningham wrote:
> > You mean SINTRAN III/VSX?
>     Is there quite a disagreement in what the first browser was?

Well, there seems to be some issue with ENQUIRE, Tim Berners-Lee's first foray 
into hypertext, but considering that that program may not have used a 
protocol named HTTP, a markup language named HTML, nor a spatial metaphor 
called the World Wide Web, it may not count.

The first time, AFAIK, that the terms we now know came together was in the 
browser built for NextStep.

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