[pups] [TUHS] gcc-3.4.6 and old unix

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Mon Apr 24 18:44:07 AEST 2006

djggp relies on a DOS extender to run its 32-bit programs in a 16-bit 
operating environment on a 32-bit machine.  go32 is Delorie's own DOS extender 
- OpenWatcom offers at least two other DOS extenders to pull the same kind of 
If the purpose is to run a 32-bit Unix C compiler in a 16-bit Unix operating 
environment on a 16-bit machine, it just won't work.  I've never heard of 
anyone ever running djgpp on a 286, either. 
Just my 0.02c 
Wesley Parish 
Quoting Andrzej Popielewicz <vasco at icpnet.pl>: 
> Michael Davidson napisał(a): 
> >Bill Cunningham wrote: 
> > 
> >  
> > 
> >> Has anyone thought of or tried to port the gcc to the old unixes? It 
> >>would have to be a very scaled down version. A C compiler that would 
> work 
> >>with modern c89 or c99. Something to get a C compiler working that 
> would 
> >>compile todays programs. The old C compilers can be kept for 
> safekeeping as 
> >>they don't work much anymore. 
> >>  
> >> 
> >>  
> >> 
> >By "the old unixes" I assume that you mean things like V6 and V7 
> >for the PDP-11. 
> > 
> >Both gcc and GNU binutils already support PDP-11 targets, at 
> >least to some extent, so you can already do cross development 
> >targeted at the PDP-11. 
> > 
> >Trying to actually host gcc on a 16 bit UNIX system is almost 
> >certainly a completely futile and pointless exercise - it is many, 
> >*many* times too big and I am pretty sure that it assumes at 
> >least a 32 bit host - if you cut it down enough so that it fit it 
> >isimply wouldn't be gcc any more. 
> > 
> >I suspect that you would also find that most of "todays programs" 
> >wouldn't fit either ... 
> > 
> >Michael Davidson 
> > 
> >[ and, actually, the old C compiuers still work just fine for 
> > ompiling the code that they were priginally intended for ] 
> > 
> > 
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> What about creating "old unix" version of djgpp. djgpp compiler is 32  
> bit "gcc" running in 16 bit DOS. 
> Perhaps DeJorie could help. 
> Andrzej 
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