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Hellwig.Geisse at mni.fh-giessen.de Hellwig.Geisse at mni.fh-giessen.de
Tue Apr 25 05:13:45 AEST 2006

Hi Bill,

On 23-Apr-2006 Bill Cunningham wrote:
>     I am running linux and I want to devote a partition to a good working
> old version of linux v5,6, or 7. I have Bob's simulator and it works great.
> The thing is when I boot v7_rk05_1145 or v7_rl02_1145 which is I believe
> Dennis's donations I don't know how to log out of the system. I also want to
> make a filesystem for unix and I don't know how to do that with a pdp-11
> emulator. I want the source so it can be generated too.
> Bill

may I suggest taking a look into this package:


I tried to be very specific as to how things
are to be done (but I also refer to the manual
pages of V7 for setting up the system of course).
All parts that you need to get V7 up and running
from the original tape images (also included) are
there, as well as the manuals for V7 and for the
PDP11-40. Also included is a file extractor, which
can be used to extract files from the simulated
file system to the Linux host file system.

Good luck!

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