[TUHS] [pups] gcc-3.4.6 and old unix

Toby Thain toby at smartgames.ca
Tue Apr 25 02:06:13 AEST 2006

On 24-Apr-06, at 9:05 AM, Wesley Parish wrote:

> Quoting Andrzej Popielewicz <vasco at icpnet.pl>:
>> Wesley Parish napisał(a):
>>> djggp relies on a DOS extender to run its 32-bit programs in a 16- 
>>> bit
>>> operating environment on a 32-bit machine. go32 is Delorie's own DOS
>> extender
>>> - OpenWatcom offers at least two other DOS extenders to pull the  
>>> same
>> kind of
>>> trick.
>> I know that, because I have used djgpp for a quite lot of time.
>> I thought , that Bill wanted to "scale down" gcc compiler to 16 bit
>> environment, and probably djgpp could be a good starting point.
>> I understand , that gcc is not "directly" portable.But because gcc  
>> can
>> create pdp code in cross compile environment, perhaps it is not
>> impossible .
> In that case, all I can suggest is that the gcc source files are
> cross-compiled to pdp11, and error messages noted.  Then the files get
> rewritten for the pdp11 ... I'm sorry I can't help - I'm neither a  
> gcc guru
> nor a pdp11 guru.

It can't be done.

As others point out, the program is many times (100x or more?) too  
big -- likely even gcc 1.x is far too big, but gcc {2,3,4}.x are all  
meant for large 32-bit systems.

However, cross-compilation can certainly be easily done. I have made  
a PDP-11 back-end for lcc[1] (not quite complete but shows that it  
can be done), which is an ANSI (c89) compiler[2]. lcc is a much  
smaller and simpler compiler than gcc, but its executables are still  
massively outsize for PDP-11 systems.


[1] http://www.telegraphics.com.au/sw/info/lcc-pdp11.html
[2] http://www.cs.princeton.edu/software/lcc/

>> BTW I have just ported Bob Supnik pdp11 emulator to Coherent  
>> 4.2.10 and
>> it seems to work(compile works etc). Coherent being 32 bit for 386
>> processors has nonetheless 286 support builtin in kernel, so it  
>> seems to
>> be good environment for this simulator (?).
> That's good news!
>> I have the same problem as Bill, I have to kill pdp11 process on  
>> another
>> console to exit.
> You're not the only one, either.
> Wesley Parish
>> Andrzej
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