[TUHS] Tektronix Unix Variants

William von Hagen vonhagen at vonhagen.org
Sat Apr 29 14:11:55 AEST 2006

Tektronix had a Unix variant called uTek that ran on a number of
workstations that they produced in the 1980s - perhaps that's what
you're thinking of? These started out with Nat Semi processors, but
later production systems were 68Ks IIRC. Most of them ran uTek,. but
some also ran a SmallTalk-based system and were sold as AI boxes. As
you'd expect from Tektronix products, the graphics were superb for their
day. The uTek boxes ran the X Window system and had Tektronix' own
window manager. 


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> Does anyone know anything about this? What I *think* it was was  
> something that ran on a logic analyser (?) made by Tektronix, which  
> had some kind of PDP-11 inside them.  I suspect it was actually 7th  
> edition or something similar in rather light disguise.  I came across  
> one of these in the early 80s but never used it, hence the vagueness  
> of my memory.

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