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Pat Barron patbarron at acm.org
Fri Aug 18 07:05:54 AEST 2006

Bill Cunningham wrote:
>     You know Pat I looked under PDP and BSD 4.2 directories and I don't
> think I'm finding the distro you are meaning. I looked under the VAX
> directory to and I'm not finding the system you mentioned.
> Bill
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Hi - Sorry for the delayed response.  It is here:


You will need to download the "usr.tar.gz" archive, and extract these 
files from it:


The file "games/lib/compat" is the compatibility mode "stub", that can 
run a binary in PDP-11 compatibility mode, does system call emulation 
(it looks like, at one time, it even supported running RT-11 binaries), 
and stuff like that.  It actually uses the PDP-11 compatibility mode of 
the VAX (i.e., it is not a PDP-11 emulator), so it only works on VAXen 
that have compatibility mode.

Anyway, I suspect that if you take the binaries I've mentioned above, 
and drop them into your V7 filesystem under /usr (so that the files end 
up in /usr/games/lib), it may simply run.

Good luck!


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