[TUHS] Uploaded 44bsd rootdump

A. Wik aw at aw.gs
Fri Feb 17 03:27:38 AEST 2006


On my FreeBSD/i386 host, I was unable to extract the "rootdump" 
file of the 4.4BSD-Alpha distribution available on Minnie.
Fortunately, I succeeded on my NetBSD/vax machine, even though
its version of NetBSD is far older than FreeBSD 5.3 which is
what I have on the i386.

The VAX "restore" program mentioned something about quad-
swapping, so perhaps FreeBSD's "restore" does not translate
the byte order.  I think the 4.4BSD distribution is from a
big-endian machine ("hp300").  It's funny, then, that I was
sure that *at least* byte-order could *not* be the problem
since both the i386 and VAX are little-endian and I was sure
the 4.4BSD distribution was a VAX one!

After extracting the rootdump, I created a .tar file instead
and uploaded it to minnie.tuhs.org:/incoming, file name
bsd44a-shoppa-rootdump.tar.  You may wish to compress it and
move it to the same directory as the other 4.4BSD-Alpha files
so others won't have to go through the trouble I experienced.

A. Wik

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