[TUHS] AT+T UNIX PC Information needed

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 20:03:28 AEST 2006

On Saturday, 18 February 2006 17:44, Mike Haertel wrote:
> >I think it's System V Release 3.0 or thereabout
> Basically the same machine was also sold as the 3b1; the difference
> between the 7300 and the 3b1 is that the 3b1 has room for a taller
> hard disk drive.
> I think the OS would best be characterized as SVR2 with the addition
> of the 4.1bsd VM system ("real" SVR2 had no demand paged VM) and the
> further addition of its own unique approach to shared libraries.
> It's definitely not SVR3; no "STREAMS".

Thanks for that bit of information. I had been under the impression that it 
was V3. Is the lack of streams the main difference between the 2 and 3? If 
there is no streams interface, can the machine be part of a TCP/IP network?


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