[TUHS] AT+T UNIX PC Information needed

Corey Lindsly corey at lod.com
Tue Feb 21 14:52:26 AEST 2006

> Duncan Anderson asks:
> > Thanks for that bit of information. I had been under the impression that it
> > was V3. Is the lack of streams the main difference between the 2 and 3? If
> > there is no streams interface, can the machine be part of a TCP/IP network?
> SVR3 also added shared libraries and RFS. As for TCP/IP the popular
> implementation was from Wollongong. But wouldn't you need ethernet
> hardware support too? It's been a long time but I only remember
> StarLAN hardware for it.

There is indeed an ethernet interface for 
the UNIXpc, but they are exceedingly difficult 
to come by. It's separate from the StarLAN card.

>From the 3b1 FAQ:

"If you want to connect your UNIX PC to a *real* Ethernet,
you'll need to hunt down the AT&T UNIX PC Ethernet board.  This board
runs a version of the TCP/IP drivers developed by Wollogong.  The
board will require the proper cables, as well as a transceiver.  This
increases the cost of Ethernet interconnectability.  The Wollogong
TCP/IP drivers are an older version not supported by Wollogong
anymore.  It's generally acknowledged that there are many bugs, and
the throughput of the board is nowhere near what Ethernet should be
getting.  (People report that throughput with the Starlan-1 board was
better than the TCP/IP Ethernet board, which shouldn't be the case.)"


There are also information and schematics pertaining
to the UNIXpc ethernet interface in the Technical Reference
manual, which I am in the process of scanning & PDFing
for interested parties.



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