[TUHS] Unix, eunuchs?

Michael Welle m.welle at gmx.net
Tue Jun 13 17:19:56 AEST 2006


Andrzej Popielewicz <vasco at icpnet.pl> writes:
> Well, I cannot "reproduce it" in my mind this funny feeling I suspect, 
> as not natively Enlish speaking.
> Hopefully it helped the Unix .Does it cause the smile every time You 
> hear it ?
> Even now knowing it I will probably ,hearing or reading the word "Unix", 
> not associate it with "eunuch".Probably because I have coded Polish 
> pronounciation in my mind, or in other words I mostly think in
> Polish.
same here. Except the starting syllable the terms sound totally
different for me. The form of my mouth is different if I speak the
words. That makes the whole story incredible for me.

>>>It is clear , that opinion of American/English linguistic/language 
>>>specialist would be neccesarry.
>>I am not a specialist, but I am a generalist with a good understanding
>>of the domain.
> Your opinion is sufficient.I appreciate.


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