[TUHS] Unix, eunuchs?

Michael Welle m.welle at gmx.net
Tue Jun 13 17:40:37 AEST 2006


Andrzej Popielewicz <vasco at icpnet.pl> writes:
> In Oxford American Dictionary
> eunuch is pronounced as "yoo-nuk" (not all symbols reproduced)
> unit is "yoo-nit"
> unique is "yoo-neek"
> In Webster English Language Dictionary
> eunuch is "'yunek"
> unit is "'yunet"
> unique is "yu'nek,yu'nik"
> You can notice, that unix , more similar to unit or unique will be 
> pronounced differently(?).
interesting. I tend to use a more british english style, but I
pronounce the terms like in OAD.


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