[TUHS] Open Sourcing IRIX?

Lord Doomicus lorddoomicus at mac.com
Mon Nov 27 09:13:48 AEST 2006

Since SGI is EOL'ing IRIX at the end of the year, has anyone asked  
them if they would donate it's source ( under some sort of OSI  
license of course ) to the UNIX archive?

Or is there too much SysV code in it?

It would be cool to have easy access to the older IRIX versions for  
older SGI hardware.

- Derrik

Derrik Walker v2.0, RHCE
lorddoomicus at mac.com

...  I am using an Apple Macintosh to design the Cray-3  
supercomputer.  -- Seymour Cray, 1986

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