[TUHS] Open Sourcing IRIX?

Michael Kerpan madcrow.maxwell at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 02:57:55 AEST 2006

Caldera changed very drastically as a company at the time it changed
its name to SCO). Ancient Unix was opened up in January of 2002. In
June of that year, the CEO of Caldera was forcibly replaced with an
M$-backed anti-open source crusader. It was at that point that Caldera
stopped selling its Linux distro, changed its name to SCO and started
suing any company involved with Linux.
On 11/28/06, Robert Tillyard <rob at vetsystems.com> wrote:
> On 28 Nov 2006, at 13:17, Michael Kerpan wrote:
> > That would never happen as it's SCO, not Novell, that owns System V
> > and SCO is a M$-funded anti-open source crusader.
> Didn't SCO open up the early UNIX versions on TUHS now? and I thought
> that previously Caldera had opened some old OSs like DR-DOS or CP-M.
> Regards, Rob.

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