[pups] Issues of AUUGN from Vol 1 No 1 onwards available

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Thu Sep 28 21:44:24 AEST 2006

Whilst looking for a recent AUUGN mine eyes espied a pile of old AUUGNs, 
from Vol 1 No 1 (October 1978) to Vol 3 No 6 (Aug/Sep 1981).  And I know I 
have the rest of them somewhere, but they're probably packed away.

It contains the famous Thrust Meter, a few papers by Yours Truly, and I 
think it has the short assembly program that would bring a PDP-11/70 to 
its knees (the infamous "SPL" firmware bug).

Free to an *organisation* that can use them, on condition they never get 
chucked out and are available for viewing (even if as a PDF).  Due to a 
"senior moment" I've already made this offer to AUUG.

-- Dave

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