[pups] hyperlinked 2.11bsd source code

Walter F.J. Mueller W.F.J.Mueller at gsi.de
Tue Feb 20 07:06:58 AEST 2007

to all 2.11bsd users:

when searching through the 2.11bsd code I wanted many times
a hyperlinked and cross referenced rendition of the sources,
much like doxygen or lxr does it. For kernel, lib and user
code, for c and assembler.

Since none of the existing tools seemed to do what I wanted
I wrote a perl script generating such a html'ized version of
the source code.

The tool far from finished, but starts to be useful. The
results from what I'd call an early alpha version are now
available. Just start with either the tar source


or the kernel init routine


and click a little around. The style sheet is still the debug
version, not all links end where they should.

The cross reference sections aren't complete, but already
useful. To see for example who is using setjmp see


or who is including nlist.h see


The background color tells you in which territory you are in

  magenta   boot and standalone code
  red       kernel
  orange    network code (running in supervisor)
  green     libraries
  blue      user level code

Hope you enjoy it.

		With best regards,


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