[pups] Advice on which PDP-11 processor handbook to buy

Ross Tucker rjtucke at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 14:11:27 AEST 2007

Hello all-
I'm a n00b on this list, so please forgive me my sins as I forgive
those who.... uh, never mind. Anyway, I am looking to get a "PDP-11
Processor Handbook" from Amazon or eBay (so I can understand the Lions
book) and there are so many different editions and versions... Lions
writes about the 11/40, but supposedly, that's not too different from
the /45 or /70. My simh boot images for v6 are for the /45 (though
supposedly I'm supposed to be able to modify them to run on the
others, right?).

What I'm asking is your advice on which Handbook to buy. Here is a
synopsis on the editions and prices from amazon:
/04/34A/44/60/70  (1979) $10
/04/34/45/55/60  (1978) $40
/70 (1975) $16
/04, 24, 34A, 70 (Jun 1981) $16
/04/05/10/35/40/45 (1975) $45

What do you think?

Thanks for your time,

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