[pups] Advice on which PDP-11 processor handbook to buy

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.uofs.edu
Wed Jan 24 21:37:19 AEST 2007

> The major groupings you can do with the PDP-11 systems are otherwise if
> they have split I/D space, supervisor mode, unibus map and 22-bit
> addressing, floating point (none/FIS/FPP) and EIS.
> Rougly, you can say:
> 11/34: EIS. Optional FPP.
> 11/40: None of that. Optional EIS and FIS.
> 11/44: All of it. Optional FPP.
> 11/45: split I/D, supervisor, EIS. Optional FPP.
> 11/60: EIS. Optional FPP.
> 11/70: All of it. Optional FPP

And let's not forget the CIS Option.  :-)


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