[pups] pdp11 in Utah

Kees Stravers kees.stravers at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 2 01:15:52 AEST 2007

This is a BA23 box with what looks like an early PDP-11/23 in it. You 
have it upside down on the photo, so it is best to turn it over, or else 
the power supply will burn out because of overheating. The power switch 
should be at the top. It has a RD53 70 MB Micropolis harddrive and a 
TK50 95MB tape drive. Since it has four serial ports, one of which is 
the console, I think it has a CPU card without a serial console port on 
it, which makes it an early one. In those cases a separate four port 
serial card was installed, with the first port set to the console 
address. I have such a system in my collection.

Brad Midgley wrote:
> hey
>> This sounds like a Digital BA-11 of some sort. It could be something
>> as early as a pdp 11/20, 11/05, 11/34, 11/35, or as late as a 11/24
>> or 11/44 -- possibly others.
> I think the toggle switches on the front need to be set right and the
> terminal settings need to be guessed at to talk over serial. The pics
> probably don't reveal much but they're easier than describing it.
> http://www.xmission.com/~bmidgley/front.jpg
> http://www.xmission.com/~bmidgley/back.jpg
> I don't have the inclination to tear it open.

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