[pups] Suitable PDP11s, in the UK

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Fri Nov 2 20:34:38 AEST 2007

To add to this, there used to be a book on computer engineering with details 
on designing a PDP of some particular nature.  (It might even have been a 

Is it possible to persuade the writer of that book - a University textbook I 
think - to donate it to PUPS?  Alternatively, does someone have an updated 
PDP-11 design that they would be willing to donate to PUPS for anyone with a 
soldering iron and enough time, to play with?

I'm thinking this would be the way to solve this sort of problem in one fell 
swoop, if as I suspect is likely, it is impossible to find a working and 
available PDP-11 in the UK.

Just my 0.02c worth - and my, hasn't inflation risen ... ;)

Wesley Parish

On Friday 02 November 2007 06:31, Tim Bradshaw wrote:
> Having long ago got rid of my collection of ageing British (super)
> minis, I realise I'm missing them, though I'm not sure why.  I can't
> pretend any more that something running 4.2BSD is really practical,
> so I'd like to get something really impractical, like a pdp11.
> What I'd like to be able to do is run 7th edition or thereabouts and/
> or 2.11BSD on something which is not too large (so full-height 19"
> racks are out).   I'm not interested in emulators.  It looks to me
> like there are such systems - for instance the recently-discussed
> 11/23 (or 11/73) looks practical, other than being in Utah.
> So I guess I have two questions:
> Firstly is this a practical thing to do in terms of reliability of HW
> etc?  I finally gave up on the previous lot of machines at least
> partly because disks &c were just so flaky that it was too painful to
> keep things working (also we're talking full-height 19" racks in some
> cases so they were a bit, well, big).  I don't want to spend my life
> trying to source ancient disks etc (though I'm clearly not expecting
> things to be as reliable as good, new modern kit).
> Secondly, does anyone in the UK (may be there is no one but me, of
> course...) have any hints where I might look and what I might expect
> to pay.  I've looked on ebay but I'm a little nervous of what I might
> get that way.
> Thanks
> --tim
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