[Unix-jun72] ocr'd e03

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Wed Apr 30 23:01:51 AEST 2008


I'm new to this (just discovered it - way cool!), so as an experiment I
opened the scanned pdf and cut and pasted e03-01,02,03,04 into gimp,
shrunk them to 3000x3000 and sent them to the tesseract web site.  It
does an amazing job.  A little emacs work and the source looks good.

Anyway, I know e03 is assigned to someone else, but they where not in
the svn.  should I check them in?  (I just did it as an experiment, and
I don't want to step on anyone;)

I'm also curious how we boot strap this.  In the end I assume we need a
binary image which one of the sims can read.  I have 0.5 a mind to write
a quick and dirty assembler which outputs a binary file... 

But I suppose it would be better to use the original as/as2.  Can this
be run with apout? (I'd be curious to hear how people are doing it).

I'm happy to keep plugging through the remaining un-ocr'd pages if no
one screams, sending email first of course.


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