[TUHS] Whence 1st Edition Unix Kernel Assembly?

James A. Markevitch jam at magic.com
Tue Apr 29 00:15:22 AEST 2008

> On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 10:53:30AM -0700, James A. Markevitch wrote:
> > I have been referring to this as version "1.5" since the date is later
> > than the first edition manual, but before the second edition manual.
> > Does anyone know if it's truly V1 of the kernel, or something between
> > V1 and V2?
> The date on the first page of the memo (PDF) is September 1972. That puts
> the memo after 2nd Edition (June 1972) and 3rd Edition (Feb 1973).

However, the date at the bottom of each page of the source listing
is 3/17/72.  My assumption is that the code was from that date, but that
the author of the memo spent a few months writing up the text that goes
along with it.

That's why I've been assuming that it was code somewhere between Version 1
and Version 2.

> I have a photocopy of the 2nd Edition manuals from Norman Wilson; I will
> scan them in as a bunch of tiffs.

If possible, can you scan them at 400dpi or 600dpi?  Those are much
more amenable to OCR than 300dpi.

Alternatively, if you can send me a hardcopy, I will scan it at 600dpi
and pass it along to bitsavers.

> I'm assuming that some of you are keen to see it running. It's going to
> take a lot of work, especially on the debugging side.

I have already noticed quite a few errors in the listing, so it's not
clear that the PDF was something that actually ran, or whether it had
been re-typed by somebody.  So far, many of the errors I have found are
in the "cold" portion of it, so it may be that the "warm" code will
run properly.

James Markevitch

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