[pups] PDP-11 / vacuum tube interface

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.uofs.edu
Thu Dec 11 07:25:30 AEST 2008

If the intent was to be the first one to wed computers and vacuum tubes,
you have missed the boat by several decades.  I, and I am sure many others
did it long ago.  I ran HF AX.25 Packet Radio on my Heathkit HW-101.

Of course, if the desire is to wed the PDP-11 and vacuum tubes, if it
hasn't been done already the same could be done.  I would bet I could
put an old version of the KA9Q software on a PDP-11 running BSD or even
Ultrix-11.  And then, fire up my HW-101 (yes, I still have it) and the
deed is done.  Of course, I could also use my HF rig which is also of
the vacuum tube genre.  Drake Twins. :-)


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