[pups] PDP-11 / vacuum tube interface

Fred N. van Kempen fred.van.kempen at microwalt.nl
Fri Dec 12 04:16:52 AEST 2008

I was bored, and ported my version of SimH (which is an older
version, but with some stuff ripped out, and other stuff put
in) to my operating system for my ARM-based MCU board.  It
now "acts" like a regular 11/83 when turned on, and will
happily boot Ultrix-11 off the CF card :)

Not as fast as running on a peecee, not half as much fun as
running a real '11, but hey, it DOES fit into my backpack.


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> smiling @ his nano-11 system running Ultrix, all the size of
>       a matchbox..
nano-11? Please elaborate.


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