[TUHS] /usr/bin/bs on HPUX?

lyricalnanoha lyricalnanoha at usotsuki.hoshinet.org
Thu Dec 18 02:14:24 AEST 2008

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, John Cowan wrote:

> Jose R. Valverde scripsit:
>> And of course it is in TUHS! Remember we have 32V and SIII. For example,
>> look into
>> 	TUHS/Other/Distributions/Plexis_Sys3/
>> or
>> 	TUHS/PDP-11/Distributions/usdl/SysIII/
> As I pointed out in my previous post, both of these directories have
> been removed from minnie, presumably because there is doubt about
> the licensing status of System III.  Among the listed mirrors
> at http://minnie.tuhs.org/TUHS/archive_sites.html , at least
> unix-archive.pdp11.org.ru still has copies.

Hm.  I had it already.

*grovels through the source*

it's using a very bizarre form of longjmp()... was that the normal syntax 
in sys3?  it's using a struct, instead of the two parameters glibc wants.

(yeah yeah, I know, EW GNU, but I just wanted to see what I was up 
against.  That's the only thing spitting errors but there's a ton of 


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