[pups] pdp11/05 questions.

Milo Velimirovic milov at uwlax.edu
Tue Jul 8 07:35:32 AEST 2008

hi all,

The recent flurry of activity in early pre-C UNIX for an 11 with a  
small memory got me back to working on my 11/05. So far I've  
identified two nasty problems with the data paths board, the M7260.  
One of the 8266 MUX chips looks like the plastic boiled and bubbled  
and circuit board is discolored underneath it. I'd welcome both  
sources for replacement chips and techniques for replacing it.

Additionally there's a lifted and broken trace on the non-component  
side of the module near the F edge connector. Any sugestions for  
repairing a damaged trace would be welcome.

Lastly, I'd just as soon use a DL11W in the 11/05 rather than go to  
the trouble of setting up an external clock to feed the on board UART.  
I can get both 9600 baud and RS232 from the DL11W instead of 2400 baud  
current loop from the built-in interface. I haven't yet found the  
jumpers to remove/install that would disable the built-in console  
interface. There's also the LTC.


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