[TUHS] BSD/386 and its ilk

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Sat Jul 5 16:28:51 AEST 2008


I'm reading TCP/IP Illustrated - for the first time; talk about slack! - and 
noticed Stevens used BSD/386.  I remember seeing in DDJ in the early '90s ads 
for various software-plus-source from a Texas repackaging company, and they 
had BSD/[386|i|OS] at various times for $1k.00.

That was then - this is now.  Is it likely, or even possible, that BSDi the 
company would be ready to consider BSD/386 and such early releases, legacy 
that could be donated to TUHS?  And if so, who should we contact, to ask?


Wesley Parish
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