[TUHS] IANAL. Kimball has ruled

Wilko Bulte wb at freebie.xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 18 03:04:07 AEST 2008

Quoting Boyd Lynn Gerber, who wrote on Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 10:33:12AM -0600 ..
> On Thu, 17 Jul 2008, Jose R. Valverde wrote:
> > I have to change my opinion on SCO to consider them now UNIX zealots. As 
> > I read it, I guess Sun was worried by possibly non-ATT code in SVRX, and 
> > may be by Novell's assertions, so they shielded themselves: if I'm not 
> > wrong that means OpenSolaris is safe and the responsibility for that 
> > relies totally on SCO.
> > 
> > SCO thus was willing to take any risks regarding third parties with 
> > respect to opening up SVRX derived Solaris. That was very bold and 
> > valiant (though seeminglymay be wrong) from them. Why they decided to 
> > allow open sourcing via Sun instead of Unixware is their choice. I guess 
> > they thought it would play better for them to sell a 'closed' Unixware 
> > as an 'enhanced' or 'better product' than open solaris. It also fits 
> > within Caldera's previous opening other ancient UNIX.
> > 
> > My guess is they were for opening SVRX as a way to increase market share 
> > of UNIX against LINUX but preferred Sun to open _their_ version instead 
> > of opening SCO's own. At the same time they must have thought that a 
> > combined attack on Linux would drive most people off Linux towards 
> > opensource UNIX and that corporate interests would prefer SCO's closed 
> > Unixware to Sun's open source solution in line with tradition.
> Caldera/SCO was trying to get everything opensourced.  They released 
> OpenUNIX 8.0 which was UnixWare 7.1.2.  They had reached an agreement with 
> every one and were about to release everything a the big expo in Jan/Feb 
> east cost.  It was to be a joint IBM/SCO announcement, when IBM suddenly 
> decided against it and were addamanly now doing everything to stop it.  
> IBM was the "big bad guy".  What I never could understand is how the roles 

** lawyers **

that is the keyword here :)


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