[Unix-jun72] Semi-OT: Other systems to reconstruct?

Jose R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.csic.es
Fri Jun 6 22:37:01 AEST 2008

Sorry I' ve been a lurker so long after subscribing. I had a problem in my
e-mail configuration and, coupled with some congress travels, missed most
list messages until I noticed today.

Regarding the disassembler, has anyone tried the one derMouse included in
his emulator in TUHS?

I have also found another PDP11 disassembler (for RT11) at


For the bold, there seems to be another PDP11 disassembler in BBC basic
this one comes with an assembler AND SOME UnixIO.mac library which leads 
me to suppose it may work on a.out files. It may probably be used under
a CP/M emulator with BBC Basic.

Finally, what about IDA, the interactive disassembler? It once claimed
to support PDP11 and old versions may be around (the 4.9 is free but 
I ain't sure it still supports PDP11).

Any of those should help build a current one for the a.out format.

BTW, and just for fun, I just found out about pdpxasm, which says is a
"PDP-11 cross-assembler, cross-linker, and cross-disassembler run under
DOS, by Strobe Data Inc." and is also freely downloadable.

Might be fun to see what its cross-disassembler produces. 


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