[Unix-jun72] DEC 10 for sale on ebay

Doug Merritt doug at remarque.org
Sun Jun 8 14:06:55 AEST 2008

A DEC 10 is for sale on ebay (search for "pdp 10" or "KL10");
the seller, apparently a collector letting it go reluctantly,
says it may be the first time one has appeared on ebay, and
so far as I know from foraging there over the years, he may
be right.

This isn't really the right mailing list to pass that word on, but
Warren and some others of you are on other various retro computer
lists where collectors hang out -- please pass the word.

Someone might also check to see if the Computer History Museum
has the funds and interest for it. Bruce Dahmer's museum has
the space for it, but I would guess would want it to be loaned/donated
(i.e. if someone wants to buy it but lacks a place to put it...)

Earlier today it was $1,000 min bid, but that didn't meet the
reserve, with a "buy it now" of $50,000, which the seller said
he considered ridiculously high. He guestimated freight at
$1,000, buyer to pay actual freight; my not-very-educated guess
is that $1,000 is sharply on the low side even for the lower 48 states.

I have some history with 10s and 20s, but they aren't as personally
meaningful to me as pdp11s -- still, if I were a billionaire I would
buy-it-now without a second thought (and boot ITS) :-)
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