[TUHS] Introduction

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Thu Jun 5 01:16:22 AEST 2008

Oliver Lehmann wrote:

> I have Plexis sources and used plain SYSIII sources - yes. Sometimes
> I also used V7 sources because it pointed out through the recovery
> process that sometimes the V7 source matched more the implementation
> in WEGA than the SYSIII implementation was.

One thing I forgott to add - ZEUS also had 2 Kernel objects where no
SYSIII or V7 equivalent existed for. one was called break.o, and one
was called lock.o. While lock.o implementes functions for a file locking
granulated on read/write/read+write base, break.o implements function I
can't see the meaning ... ;)
I got break.o completly rewritten into break.c because the logic itself
was not so hard to read. 

lock.o on the other hand I got not rewritten into C because I don't
understand even the ASM listing with the handling of the struct
locklist[] and so on... I'll skip that object for now.

 Oliver Lehmann

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