[TUHS] Introduction

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Fri Jun 6 03:45:40 AEST 2008

Jose R. Valverde wrote:

> lock().. are you sure it is for file locking? If so, it may have been
> mimic'ed from XENIX file locking mechanisms. Otherwise it might implement
> a low level lock to avoid CPU contention as the machine you describe needs
> to coordinate work among more than one CPU.

I'm sure. I've the man-page for lkdata() and unlk()

       #include <sys/lockblk.h>

       long lkdata (fildes, flag, lkblk);
       int fildes, flag;
       struct lockblk *lkblk;

       long unlk (fildes, flag, lkblk);
       int fildes, flag;
       struct lockblk *lkblk;

in the eastern germany english was not teached (or very rarely) so many
things - even in the world of the computers - where kept in german - so
did the man pages.

I can post the man-page link but your german isn't probably that good ;)

 Oliver Lehmann

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