[Unix-jun72] more corrections

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Fri May 2 09:31:21 AEST 2008

> Tim, I think the as we have from the s2 tape is a V2 assembler, as it has
> an 0407 header, not an 0405 header.

Yah, that makes sense.  I guess this means that the system we
rebuild won't be capable of building itself unless we somehow
find an old as or srcs.

> Given that we know the assembler has predefined symbols, which means
> renaming $mount, I think we might as well take the path where we modify
> the source code so that it can be built with the tools we have, which is
> your option 2) above. And of course, document the changes.

The approach I'm taking currently is to use the 1972_stuff "as" (v2)
using apout and some sed magic so that the original sources are
undisturbed.  The code is in the svn as tools/assem.

> 	Warren

Tim Newsham

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