[Unix-jun72] Anyone working on V1 mkfs?

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri May 2 10:33:35 AEST 2008

Warren Toomey wrote:
>We're going to need a filesystem. Is anybody working on tools to make one?
>If not, I might start work on a mkfs for V1.

The kernel sources can built with "cold = 1" to build the root file
system on the RF disk.

It almost works now - it writes a bunch of blocks but not the directory
blocks (yet); something is now quite right but I'm pretty sure it can
be worked out.

The hardware bootstrap process is in the man pages - it looks somewhat
rational.  I have not studied it but I think the fun part will be making
a dectape image which has the binaries to be populated.

It all looked possible when I scanned it the other day.

Having said all that, having a working mkfs would be would be very handy
and would make setting up  a boot disk much easier!


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