[Unix-jun72] more corrections

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri May 2 20:24:44 AEST 2008

Tim Newsham wrote:
>How can I get the modified simh? 

Here's a diff against v36 and a tar of my working directory:


>Also what configuration are you using?  I have this so far:
>   set tc enabled
>   att tc tape.dt
>   set rk3 enabled
>   att rk3 rk0.dsk
>   set rf enabled
>   att rf rf0.dsk
>   set cpu 11/20
>   set cpu 32K

I'm using this:

set cpu 11/20
set hk disabled
set rha disabled
set tm disabled
set rx disabled
set rl disabled
set tq disabled
set rk3 enabled
att rk3 rk3.dsk
set tc enabled
set rf enabled
set ke enabled
set cpu 32K
load loadfile
d pc 400
set cpu history=1000
attach rf rf0.dsk

I forgot to include my a.out->loadfile conversion program.  I'll check it
in to svn.

>Have you gotten far enough that it writes out the full primitive
>root on rf0 so that you can reboot and get init going?

No - it writes a bunch of blocks to rf0 but no directories.

The 'zero i list' appears to work, and the code to init i-node 41-47 runs
but nothing gets written.  Or if it does the wrong thing gets written.  not
sure why.

To debug I sprinkle "halt"'s in the code and then do "show cpu history"
to see what happened.

As a sanity check I also do 'e 0-40' and 'e 400-440' to make sure
location 34 (iot vector) is filled in and the code at 400 is correct (it
loads the sp with 60000).

I might turn on some RF debug to see exactly what gets written when.


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