[Unix-jun72] mkfs src

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Fri May 2 23:44:43 AEST 2008

OK, I've got it to the point where is makes _a_ filesystem, and now I'm off
to bed. The image looks fine to me, but I thought I'd pass the source code
around in case someone spots an incorrect assumption that I've made, or a bug.

I have created an RK03 image using the V1 binaries off the s2 tape. I then
ran V1 check on the image; here is what it said:

# check rk.img
   0 files
   0 large
   0 indirect
   0 used
3420 free

Not exactly fantastic, but much better than when I gave check a random
file to digest :)

Good night!

P.S cc -o mkfs -Wall mkfs.c
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