[Unix-jun72] Minor errors

Hellwig Geisse Hellwig.Geisse at mni.fh-giessen.de
Sat May 3 02:57:22 AEST 2008

I just did a 'grep' of some suspicious
character combinations and found the following:

e00-04:/ initialize i-nodes r1.,...,47. and wr1te the root device,
binary, etc.,
e04-01:       bne     3f /Is1t zero now?
e08-05:       bis     $103,r3 / now rbn,for,un1t,1e
e04-03:1: / flle just opened
e05-04: cmp     r1, ii / r1 = i-number of current flle
e03-01:       jsr     r0,rswap / read new process 1nto core
e04-04:       cmp     r1,$12 / is char a l1ne feed
e06-02:         br ret / it 1n r1; 1f there 1s no problem with reader,
e06-02: inc     *u.fofp / increment file offset to point to 'next' char
e08-03:       br      1f / branch if block already 1n a I/O buffer
e08-03:       bis     $2000,(r5) / set read mu (bu: 100 1n 1/0 buffer)
e08-06:       bit    $173000,(r5) / lock+keep+active+outstand1ng
e11-07: cmp     0b,$1nbuf+256. / have we exceeded innut buffer size
e06-04: inc     *u.fofp / increment f11e offset to point to next
e06-05:  mov    r2,i.size / yes, increase the f11e size to file offset +
e06-06:                    / be written to the f11e
e08-03:tstdeve: / check whether permanent error has occured on special
e03-02:                        / to end of stack gets written out) ~
e08-03:       mov     u.base,r2 / put users base in r2 ~
e11-01: cdpb    B(r5),$'- / was this sh calleZd by init or loginx~
e03-02:       cmp     r2,$core / is u.break less than Score

As you can see, the errors are almost exclusively in
the comments. Someone with write access to the svn
repository could perhaps take care of that.


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