[Unix-jun72] some progress

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Sat May 3 07:04:33 AEST 2008

Apparently this instruction:

	mov    $[systm-inode]\/2,sb0+4 / sets up initial buffers per

is not doing the right thing.  I have not looked closely yet, but it should
put -109. in the sb0+4, but instead it puts a large positive number.

This is the top of the buffer, which has a WC and address in it; and it's
used to read the superblock from the RF.

anyway, when I change it to:

	mov    $-109.,sb0+4

things work much better.  I have run to a baseball game (little league :-)
but I'll retry the cold=1 later tonight; it may work better.


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