[Unix-jun72] mount woes

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Sun May 4 00:35:47 AEST 2008

I wrote this:

  exit  = 1.
  mount = 21.

	sys mount; rk0; usr
	sys exit

  rk0:    </dev/rk0\0>
  usr:    </usr\0>

And tried to assemble it with /bin/as, but it's a 407 exec and it didn't
work (core dump, created odd files)

So, I built it with apout & as like this:

  apout /backup/raid2/pdp11/v7/bin/as ./mount.s

  # reconsruct v1 0405 a.out header
  echo -e '\005' >mount
  dd if=a.out of=mount bs=1 skip=1 seek=1 count=11
  dd if=a.out of=mount bs=1 skip=16 seek=12

And it runs, but nothing happens.  I have not debugged it much.  Wish we
had a working v1 as.


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