[Unix-jun72] Missing commands

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sun May 4 04:06:18 AEST 2008

>> Tim - where did you get the files you used to make your tape image?  Can
>> you tar up that directory and check it in?  I can't find init anywhere.
>> I must be confused.

The process for making the tape image is:

    - get s2.tar.gz from TUHS PDP11 distributions (under research)
    - extract somewhere like /tmp/s2 (if elsewhere, you must edit
    - build a tape with the files you want:
      tools/mktape.py /tmp/s2/bin/* /tmp/s2/etc/*

you can add any files you want, but it will make up uid/permission
for files it doesnt "know" about.  It has a table of files and
permissions baked into it that came from the TUHS archive.  The
tool strips off "/tmp/s2" from the paths right now, so if you put
s2 in a different location you'll have to alter that path or you'll
have to build the tape from within that subdirectory using relative

Tim Newsham

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