[Unix-jun72] rk03 vs rk05

James A. Markevitch jam at magic.com
Sun May 4 11:59:44 AEST 2008

> Confusingly, the 1e manual for /dev/rk0 says its an RK03. I'll have to go
> read the DEC manuals, but I would guess that the RK11 drive and interface is
> the same, but the RK03 and RK05 removable disk packs were of different
> storage capacity.

The controller is an RK11.
The disk drives are RK02, RK03, RK05.

The RK02 is a 1.2MB drive (256B per sector).
The RK03 is a 2.4MB drive (512B per sector).
The RK05 is a 2.4MB drive (512B per sector).

The media for the RK03 and RK05 are compatible (IBM 2315).  The drives
look different from each other, but I don't think the system can tell
the difference.

James Markevitch

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